2004 F-450/ Reading Utility Body - 29-1

Unit responded to brush/woods/grass/marsh fires. Also serves at the main tow vehicle for Argo 29 and Gator 29.

2018 John Deere Gator - Gator 29

Gator 29 was able to be purchased through a Street Funding Grant provided to the Company through our local State Representative Kevin Hensley. This unit is set up for EMS off road access and transport.

American LaFrance - 29-0 (Retired)

This unit came from Los Angeles, CA to the State of Delaware it was then turned over to surplus when the Port Penn Fire Company acquired it for service. It served as the company's brush/marsh fire unit until being placed out of service. It is still in possession by the company awaiting restoration.

2017 Chevy Tahoe SSV - 29-8

Chiefs Command Unit

Chevy P/U - D.O. 29

Duty Truck 29 is rotated through the fireline officer's weekly. The truck is equipped with a trauma bag, AED, SCBA, set of ICS vests, flares, and each officer carries his or her gear with them.

Chevy/Goverment Surplus - 29-5 (Retired)

That's the original 29-5, aka 'The Bomb', supplying water. It was a homebuilt on a 1957 Chevy chassis. The tank was a government surplus fuel tank. It went into service prematurely during a crash on Rt 13 of a gas tanker. Rt 13 was closed in both directions and water was hauled from the old cannery in St Georges by just about every truck that was around. 29-5 was used on scene as a reservoir.

Pierce PUC Rescue Engine - 296

Rescue Engine 296 is a 2013 Pierce PUC Rescue Pumper. The Apparatus has a 1500 Gpm Single stage pump and carries 1000 Gallons of Water. The Rescue Engine operates (2) 150' 1.75" Lines and a 150' Forestry Line off the front bumper. The Rear Of the apparatus has a 200' 1.75" / 300' 1.75" / 250' 2.5" Blitz Fire and 250' Dead /lay of 2.5" Hose. The unit carries vehicle extrication, water rescue and structural rescue equipment.

US - 29 (Retired)

This truck was bought off of the Minquas Fire Co. by Tommy Texis then he sold this truck to the members of the Augustine Beach Fire Co. in 1951 which later became the Port Penn Vol. Fire Co.

Dodge - 29-1 (Retired)

250 Gallon Tank with 225 GPM Pump

Ford/American LaFrance - 29-1 (Retired)

750 GPM Pump with 750 Gallons of water

Ford/Hahn - 29-2 (Retired)

29-2 held 500 gallons of water and had a 1,000 GPM pump

Hahn - 29-3 (Retired)

29-3 held 1,000 gallons of water and had a 1250 GPM pump

Chevy - U-29 (Retired)

U-29 was used for many purposes including pulling the boat until it was sold around 2001.

Dodge - A-29 (Retired)

This unit was brought around 1984 and was run as A-29 til 1988 when a new ambulance was purchased.

Ford - A-29 (Retired)

This unit was bought in 1988 and was run as A-29 until it was sold in 1996 to the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown.

Ford 900 Series - 29-5 (Retired)

This truck held 3,000 gallons of water and was used until sold to Daisy Construction in 1996

GMC - 29-0 (Retired)

It was a 1968 GMC pickup bought from the Claymont Fire Co. in 1983. It was re-painted and had a lift kit installed. The truck was used for marsh and brush fires until it was sold to a private collector in 1994.

Argo - Argo 29

Argo 29 is a 8 wheel alterain and amphibious vehichle. We use it for field and marsh fields and any type of rescues from those types of areas. We also use in the snow and fair weather events to access certain homes in our district in case of medical emergencies. It has a pull behind trailer that has a mini forrestry pump and tank that holds 50 gallons of water or foam for incidents well off of the road.

Boston Whaler - 29 Marine 1

2005 27 foot Boston Whaler powered by twin 275 Mercury Verado Supercharged motors. The boat is eqquiped with cold weather,ice,and swift water suits. It does have a portable hale pump with two hard suction sleeves and various rolls of 1 3/4 for boat fires. The vessel also has a towbar to remove disabled vessels from harms way.

Chevy Van - Van 29

Van 29 was bought in 2006 to transport members to fireschool or to various fire company events were several members are attending.

Ford/Horton - A-29 (Retired)

A-29 was bought in 1996 and was traded in on the current ambulance in September of 2009

International/4 Guys - MRU 29

2009 International 7400 4x4 4-Door Cab 14 ft. 4-Guys Custom Stainless Steel Body Intenrational Diesel Motor 330 HP Allison 3000 EVS 5 Speed 6 Kw harrison Hydraulic Generator Wil-Burt 6' Light Tower ROM Roll Up Doors 4 mount points for a portable winch Warn 9000# Portable Winch 1 - 150' electrical cord reel 2 - 750 watt tri-pod lights

Zodiac - 29 Marine 2 (Retired)

12 foot Zodiac powered by a 25 hp Yamaha motor. The boat is equipped with trow bags. It is used for in-land water rescues and is sometimes used in the river where the waters are shallow. Marine 2 also responds with MRU 29 on all swift water responses.

Dodge Durango - 298

It has a 5.7 liter Hemi V-8 motor and is 4 wheel drive. It is equipped with a medical bag, an SCBA, a complete set of incident command vests, an AED, and has all fire first responder equipment.

Ford - 290 (Retired)

29-0 is a Ford F-350 4 door with 4 wheel drive. The truck has a 200 gallon water tank and a hale pump. The unit is also equipped with a winch, better flaps, forrestry rakes, shovels. It has one foresstry line and a booster line. The truck is used for marsh and field fires. 29-0 was sold and the TSU is in the process of being equipped to serve as the company's brush unit.

Simon Duplex/Saulsbury - Engine 29-4 (Retired)

29-4 is a 1993 Simon Duplex 6 person cab with a Saulsbury stainless steel body. The truck holds 1,000 gallons of water and has a 2,000 GPM Hale pump and a 10 KW generator. 29-4 has (3) 1.75" crosslay's and a 300' 2" Line off the rear. 29-4 also carries 1,500 foot of 4" supply line and 400 foot of 3" supply line. In addition to the Engine company equipment carried by the Engine it also carries Extrication Equipment.

Simon Duplex/Saulsbury - Tanker 29

Tanker 29 is a 1995 Simon Duplex 6 person cab with a Saulsbury stainless steel body. The apparatus is equiped with a 2000 gpm pump and a 2500 Gallon Tank.

Kenworth/Saulsbury - Rescue 29 (Retired)

Rescue 29 is a 1991 Kenworth 2 person cab with a Saulsbury stainless steel walk in body that seats 4 persons. The truck carries 450 gallons of water and 50 gallons of foam. R-29 has a 500 GPM Hale pump and a 15 KW generator. The truck also has a 6,000 lb 4 bottle cascade system. Rescue 29 also has eight 8,000 watt lights on a light tower that raises 25 foot into the air. The truck is equipped with all nesscessary tools for vehichle rescue and search and rescue. Rescue 29 was sold to Scott's Run Fire Co. in Cassville WV on December 1st 2012.

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