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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
PORT PENN FIRE COMPANY P.O. BOX 29 PORT PENN, DE 19731 Phone (302) 834-7483 ***PORT PENN FIRE COMPANY IN AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER*** PART TIME FIREFIGHTER / EMT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Nature of position(s): Employees will be responsible for staffing Basic Life Support Ambulances and Fire Apparatus. Employees will also as needed provide various maintenance and administrative tasks. Number of Positions (To be determined) Hours of work: Various (8 / 12 / 24 ) Hr shifts. The applicants for these positions must be able to work weekends. Salary: ($15.00 HR) Benefits: NONE – PART TIME STATUS Minimum qualifications: 21 Years of Age• Valid Drivers license and Delaware Emergency Vehicle Operator license • Must provide a certified copy of driving record from the Division of Motor Vehicle • Current copy of your criminal background check • Current healthcare provider CPR certification and AED • Current National Registry and Delaware EMT-B with at least one year of practical experience • Basic Firefighting Skills, Structural Firefighting Skills, Hazardous Materials Response Skills, and Vehicle Rescue • Water Rescue class from the Delaware State Fire School (or equivalent) Within 6 months of hire •Basic computer skills • Completed application Application procedure: Interested individuals should send completed applications to the Port Penn Volunteer Fire Company at PO BOX 29, PORT PENN DE 19731 attention Paid Staff Supervisor. Applications can be requested in an email to the Staff Supervisor ([email protected]). Applications are also available at station 29. Failure to send a copy of all minimum qualifications will result in your application being discarded. This includes, training and back ground information. Closing date: Open Until Filled

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