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Structure Fire

Saturday, July 17, 2021
At approximately 2200hrs Station 29 was dispatched to a large barn fire. 29-8B arrived on scene reporting a large barn fire well off. T-29 arrived and laid a supply line from Port Penn Road and down a dirt lane leading to the barn as Deputy 29 arrived on scene. T-29's crew deployed a handline and was directed by 29-8B to ladder the main hayloft on side alpha and start knocking the bulk of the fire. While a second line was pre-stretched to the bravo side where large amunts of hay where stored approximately 7 feet high in wooden stalls burning against the main barn. After a making contact with 29-8B, Deputy 29 established Port Penn Command and added a tanker task force in addition to the initial fire box. Arriving units were directed to stage on Port Penn Road send their manpower to the scene and supply T-29. The first due ladder was also directed to come down the lane and setup on the bravo side. T-29's crew continued knock fire in the hayloft, then reposition the line to knock down the bulk of the fire against the main barn and through the soffit of the roof. Crews arrived and put additional handlines in service extinguishing and breaking up the haystalls on the Bravo side. T-29's crew was also relieved as well. TW-12 arrived as the first due special service setting up on the bravo side. Deputy 6 was assigned Water Supply Officer for the incident. As responding Tankers and apparatus responded two fill sites were designated. One at at hydrant in a neighboring district and a drafting site at Augustine Beach. Apparatus assigned to water supply ran water shuttles from fill sites to maintain a water supply to the scene. TW-12 went in service with their crew opening up the roof in preparation for master stream operations. A supply line from T-29 was stretched to TW-12 to supply the operation. Afterwards overhaul operations checked for any additional hotspots or hidden fire. Multiple crews and agencies from New Castle, Kent, and Cecil Counties were involved in providing manpower, relief crews, EMS standby and rehab for crews.

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